RhythmAsana in Motion

RhythmAsana is, at its core, all about movement and music. Movement and music are, by their very nature, kinetic. You can’t have movement without change, and you can’t have music without movement. So it’s no surprise that RhythmAsana today is very different than the original RhythmAsana.

The seeds of RhythmAsana were planted when I stumbled (literately and figuratively) into Angela Grace’s Zumba class. As a drummer and a world-music lover, I was immediately taken by the high-energy beats, the global sounds, the engaging dance moves, and Angela’s joyous energy. I became a class regular, gradually liberating parts of my body, mind, and spirit that had been locked down for decades. When Angela became my yoga teacher at Live Well Studio, I had a new Saturday morning ritual: yoga, dance, bliss. After a few months, I suggested to Angela that this combination was too powerful not to share. She agreed, and RhythmAsana was born.

The early RhythmAsana (which went by a different name) was little more than my Saturday morning routine without the pesky commute from the health club to the yoga studio. It didn’t take long, though, before we were able to refine it into something much more sublime. The changes have come gradually over time, often as imperceptibly as the opening of a flower. Deeper, richer music from around the world; more powerful movement flows; creative community-building moves; fantastic free-form interludes, live drumming; and live music from a world music band. Those who’ve been with us throughout the journey might take these changes for granted, but people who return after being gone a while can’t help but notice that RhythmAsana is on the move.

We love the direction RhythmAsana is heading. We love the response we’re getting from those of you who are traveling with us. And we can hardly wait to see where we’re headed. If we’ve learned nothing else from RhythmAsana, we know that it’s all about moving into deep joy. And the joy just keeps getting deeper.