Welcome to RhythmAsana!


RhythmAsana is a unique and joyous blend of yoga, movement meditation, dance, chant, drumming, healing sound baths, and heart-opening music from all over the planet. When we created RhythmAsana, our goal was to enable others to feel the deep joy and powerful transformation we experienced on our shared journey from stillness to rhythmic movement and back to stillness. People who’ve joined us on the journey tell us they find it blissful and deeply moving—often at the same time. We love sharing the deep joy of RhythmAsana.

It’s been more than a year since our last RhythmAsana retreat at Breitenbush Hot Springs. Since then we’ve experienced a global pandemic and the near destruction of Breitenbush. During this time of healing and rebuilding we’re thinking of you and appreciating all of the wonderful experiences we’ve shared over the years. We’ll clearly be going through more changes, but our hope is that we’ll be able to move into deep joy again sometime soon.

Feel free to check this site and Facebook.com/rhythmasana for updates. For up-to-the-minute RhythmAsana news, use the contact page to sign up for occasional email newsletters from us.

In the meantime, stay safe and be well.

Moving into deep joy together,

The RhythmAsana Team

The RhythmAsana Team: George Beekman, Amy Clem, and Johanna Beekman

If you want to learn more about the music that flows through RhythmAsana events, visit JohannaSings.com and Facebook.com/JohannaBeekmanMusic. To purchase Johanna’s albums (physical or digital), visit CD Baby.  Her albums contain many of the songs you know and love from RhythmAsana sessions.