Moving into Deep Joy

One evening nearly a year ago, a feeling caught up with me

I realized something was missing. It wasn’t a feeling of unhappiness or of sadness.  It was a longing. Not a longing for more things or ideas or entertainment or distraction. A subtle longing for something I didn’t have words for.

Curious, I dropped inside,
felt the slight aching in my heart,
softened to give it more room,
sensed breath flowing in and through and
gently waited….

Soon the answer came.

I was missing dance and movement play.

More particularly, I was hungry  for the sort of danceplay and movement groups I had been leading until a weird inflammatory illness five years ago before stopped me. My symptoms redirected me to focus on healing my body and cultivating vitality from a deeper, more sustainable source.

Then, as I was feeling strong and healthy and vibrant again, this longing arose to guide me to the next step.

Ahhh, Thank you. I get it.  Time to find my way into sacred, playful movement leadership again. I felt the peace and clarity and the deep joy of landing into the wisdom of longing. There was a sense of trust it would happen, even though the “how” was unknown.

A few day later, as if by magic, my dear friend George called to ask if I was interested in taking over as movement guide and teacher for RhythmAsana, an innovative and revitalizing program he co-developed.

RhythmAsana blends yoga, playful dance, creative movement play, drumming and live world beat music by incredible musicians.


The tagline of RhythmAsana is Moving into Deep Joy.

Even more perfect.

Two invitations for you:

Invitation Number One: Embrace Your Longings
Notice if perhaps you are also feeling a longing: a body sensation or small voice asking you to listen more deeply, eager to guide you more fully into the joy of being who you really are.
I think of this sort of soul longing as Divine Discontentment.
What is your Divine Discontentment calling you into now? Something to learn, embrace, transform or, perhaps, let go of?

Invitation Number Two: Move Into Your Deep Joy with RhythmAsana

Come move and play and celebrate with us! All levels and all abilities are so very welcome.
Saturday November 21 10:30-noon Unitarian Universalist Fellowship 2945 NW Circle Blvd Corvallis Oregon. RhythmAsana’s luminous lead singer and songwriter, Johanna, will be in our hometown this one weekend as part of her west coast tour. If you are anywhere in the area, please join us.

January 29-31 2016 Moving into Deep Joy: Winter Retreat at Breitenbush Hot Springs, Oregon. Harmonious and playful blends of yoga, movement, meditation, dance, drumming and singing will open our bodies and hearts to joy and connect us with our inner selves and with our global community. Revel in this rejuvenating retreat center set in majestic, magical old growth forests with rustic -and comfortable!- cabins, natural hot spring pools, extensive trails and a rushing river. All levels and abilities welcome. Sign up soon to get early bird discount and your choice of cabins. Click here for more information.

Blessings and love,

PS A few comments from recent RhythmAsana participants “RhythmAsana is the one of THE most joy-generating things I have ever done!” “A wonderful experience! I can’t wait to do it again!”  “An unexpected awakening of joyful depths … community moving as one.” “I feel like I reconnected to soul and heart and body.”

PPS Click here  to listen to some of Johanna’s heart-opening music, including her brand new CD.

Lea Bayles, M.A. Holistic Wellness Consultant, Author, Speaker

(this post first appeared in Lea’s blog.)