Is RhythmAsana Yoga?

RhythmAsana is a unique blend of familiar yoga poses—asanas—and rhythmic movement. A RhythmAsana session is a joyous journey from stillness to activity and back to stillness. Because RhythmAsana incorporates elements from a multitude of cultures, people have trouble putting a label on it. We’re occasionally asked if RhythmAsana is yoga. To answer, we first need to ask: What is yoga?

Most Westerners think of yoga as stretching, pretzel-shaped poses, new age music, and lululemon outfits. But people familiar with the underlying philosophy of yoga know that our Western view reveals only a tiny fraction of what yoga offers.  Yoga sage Patanjali wrote about eight limbs, or techniques, of yoga, only one of those tools is asana. So if yoga is more than poses, what is it?


Douglas Brooks defines yoga as the virtuosity of becoming yourself. We use the tools of yoga—how we treat others, how we treat ourselves, physical poses, breath work, watching how we use our senses, focus, concentration, and meditation—to discover who we are.  We discover what makes us deeply contented and what brings a profound sense of purpose and belonging. We step into our strength, our confidence, our creative power.  By this definition, yoga happens when an artist creates or a singer is lost in song. It happens when a scientist is immersed in an experiment or a gardener ponders the quality of the soil. It happens when lovers gaze into each other’s eyes, and when we passionately debate issues of social justice.

Yoga happens when you quiet the mind enough to hear, to feel the vibrations of anadamaya kosha, the deepest energetic layer of your being. And when you catch a glimpse, hear just a few notes… let the dance begin….