Your Winter of RhythmAsana?

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Like most Oregonians, we’re deeply grateful for any extra sunshine we receive before the rains of Autumn arrive. We’ve enjoyed being outside during this exceptionally mild Fall. But the rain on the roof reminds us that we’re headed into a darker, colder, wetter time. Fortunately, we can warm our spirits and open our hearts with a well-crafted blend of yoga, music, dance, and community. We hope you’ll join us and make this your Winter of RhythmAsana.
The big RhythmAsana event of the Winter is, of course, the RhythmAsana Weekend Retreat at Breitenbush Hot Springs in January. Breitenbush in January can be incredibly beautiful. After an extended period of stretching and moving to world music, the hot pools are especially yummy. And it’s so wonderful having time to create and deepen community connections far from the distractions of the everyday world.
To warm up for our January weekend, we’ve got RhythmAsana sessions planned in Corvallis, Albany, and Salem. We hope you’ll join us for some or all of these events. The Corvallis and Albany events are a bargain at $10 each, but you can save an additional 25 percent by purchasing a 10-session RhythmAsana Kula Card at the door.
There are two other special events that we want to share with you—one this month and one next month.
The first is the concert celebrating Johanna Beekman’s long-awaited CD, The Edge of Divine. Many of you know Johanna as the lead vocalist in the RhythmAsana Band, but she’s also a gifted songwriter and song stylist. Members of the RhythmAsana Band, along with several other talented musicians, will join her on November 23 to launch the new CD. We just received the final master of the CD, and we think it will blow you away.
In December, Angela and Lisa Wells will host Turning Into the Darkness: A Winter Solstice Yoga Retreat at Still Meadows Retreat Center. This is a fabulous opportunity to deepen your yoga, the connection to your deepest self, through a variety of techniques.  We’ll explore myth, chants, ritual, asana, dance and shaking medicine to facilitate a journey into the shadows before reemerging into the light.  You can learn more and register at
Thanks for being part of our growing RhythmAsana community. We love hearing from you. Please visit us at or
George and Angela