RhythmAsana and the Rhythms of Change

Every day we build our lives on rhythms. The sun came up yesterday and today; I naturally assume that it will rise again tomorrow. My heart has been steadily beating for decades; I plan my activities assuming that it will keep pumping today. And on and on. But everything changes over time. Sometimes we need to move to a new pulse.
RhythmAsana isn’t immune to the inevitable changes of the rhythms of life.When Angela Grace Greenwood and I launched RhythmAsana three years ago, we didn’t even know what to call it. We just knew there was something special about the blend of yoga, movement, dance, and world music that we concocted. And we weren’t alone. Over the course of those three years, RhythmAsana has touched and moved hundreds of people, taking them into the depths of their inner worlds and peaks of communal joy.Throughout those years, RhythmAsana has been nurtured and guided by its two parents, drawing what it needed from each of us. Along the road to maturity it developed an extended family of musicians. Johanna BeekmanLyris Cooper, and others helped turn the RhythmAsana experience into even more of a magical mystery tour. The RhythmAsana team wasn’t just George and Angie anymore.Still, Angie has been at the center of every RhythmAsana event since the beginning—teaching, encouraging, inspiring the rest of us on our shared journey into deep joy. So when Angie told me she was stepping back from her role as co-leader to focus on Angela Grace Yoga and other matters, it was hard to imagine how RhythmAsana might go on. But it was even harder to imagine RhythmAsana not going on at all.

Sometimes when a rhythm fades it frees you to feel another pulse that was there all along.

Years ago I explored collaborating with one of my all-time favorite yoga/dance/movement/spirit teachers. But both of us were busy and we left the conversation unfinished. Until now. It took just one phone call for me to know that the rhythms would continue. Lea Bayles was joining our team.

Many of you know Lea from her inspired work as a movement catalyst, teacher, author, and performer. Her dynamic, playful, practical, and mystical approach to teaching has helped people of all ages and abilities connect with their inner creative joy and healing power. With education, experience, and expertise in mind-body psychology, healing arts, a wide variety of dance forms, energy medicine, yoga, yoga therapy, and chi-kung, Lea is amazingly qualified to lead people on their RhythmAsana journeys into deep joy.

So the RhythmAsana team evolves. Angie hasn’t ruled out doing an occasional RhythmAsana event if and when our pulses sync up. In any case, I will be forever grateful for all that she gave to make our RhythmAsana dream real. Angie is a uniquely gifted yogi, dancer, teacher, healer, and guide, and I have no doubt that her many gifts will serve her well on her sacred journey into the future.

Lea, Johanna, Lyris, and I know that RhythmAsana will continue to evolve as we explore new pathways into deep joy through movement. We look forward to moving with you along those pathways.

And the beat goes on….

The new RhythmAsana team makes its official debut on 7:00PM Sunday, March 8, at the Unitarian Fellowship in Corvallis for a Kirtan and Movement Meditation with Johanna Beekman and Rhythmantra. The band, joined by Eugene flautist Vince Mcclellan and Corvallis guitarist Sid Rosen, will provide a backdrop for a kirtan led by Johanna and some gentle movement meditations led by Lea. The evening should be a sweet introduction for those who are curious about what we do.
Then at 11:00AM on Saturday, April 4, we’ll bring back RhythmAsana Live at Downtown Dance in Corvallis. Lea and the band will continue the RhythmAsana tradition with 90 minutes of moving into deep joy through shared rhythms. (You can get in the mood the night before at 7:00PM at Live Well Studio with Johanna’s restorative Lullaby Yoga class. It’s RhythmAsana’s sleepy sibling.)

And we’re booked to provide kirtan, RhythmAsana, and ritual music for the big Breitenbush Summer Solstice Healing Retreat. This gigantic event will almost certainly sell out soon (if it hasn’t already). Visit Breitenbush.com now if you’re interested in attending.

Please check back here regularly for updates, like us on Facebook, and (most of all) come move with us.
With deepest gratitude,