RhythmAsana Returns—but When?

Many of you have been asking when we’re going to be moving into deep joy together again. It’s been far too long since we’ve done the RhythmAsana thing. We’ve been patiently waiting for Johanna’s year of perpetual touring to wind down. The good news is that we’re almost there; she’ll be back in Oregon in November, and she’ll be around at least long enough to do a couple of RhythmAsana sessions at Lea’s gorgeous country studio near Philomath before we head up to Breitenbush Hot Springs for our sweet end-of-January weekend retreat.

We’re looking forward to RA mini-retreats on December 4 and January 8. Both Sunday events will be two hours long—plenty of time to journey from stillness to joyous abandon and back. The question is: Which two hours? Johanna will be immersed in advanced yoga teacher training during the afternoon, so we’re suggesting two possible times for these mini-workshops: 10:30AM to 12:30PM or 6:30PM to 8:30PM. We can do either time. Can you?

Please send a quick note to george@rhythmasana.com with your preferences. To make it easy, list one of the following four choices (or something else) for each date,

10:30 / 6:30 / either is fine / doesn’t matter because I probably won’t be there anyway.

For example, your reply might be

Dec 3 10:30

Jan 8 either

We’ll plan based on what we hear from you.

One more thing: Now’s the time to sign up for our January 27–29 Breitenbush weekend retreat. If you reserve your spot soon you’ll get your pick of the housing options AND a $40 early-bird discount. Breitenbush is full pretty much all the time these days, so it’s important to reserve your spot as soon as you can by calling 503-854-3320. See http://breitenbush.com/events/jan27-29.html for more information.

We’re all excited about getting together with you again, and we’re ever-grateful for your support and friendship.

Rhythmically yours,

George for Lea, Johanna, and Lyris